More than your ID Badge

Might just be the time to do away with the annoying access cards, and take the next step forward in card-less technology

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Your security is our priority

Mobile apps use an encrypted smart card technology versus traditional ID access card technology which is far less secure. Mobile credentials can’t be easily cloned like standard ID cards therefore provide greater security and protection.

"Regarding the mobile phone as an access credential, yes, there is the cool factor. After all, a phone can now replace many things we have in our wallet."

Russell Pollack
Designer of MobileIDWorks

Instant Benefits

How many times has a student or employee forgotten or lost their access credential? To most people their cell phone is their life line to the entire world. It is not easily lost or forgotten or at least not for very long. By installing a simple app on a phone its now possible to have a person’s cell phone act as their ID badge, access card, communication device and much more.

Features Never Stop

Advanced emergency notification and company broadcast system.

Allows employees and students to upload their ID picture online. Our proprietary AI engine automatically validates submitted images but don't worry we built an administrator panel for final approval.

Integrate your closed loop transactional system with Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Available for smartphones

Whether you have an Apple or Android phone, the app just works.

Administer online any time

Because our desire to produce exceptional solutions while offering the best customer support runs deep. We have developed a content management system that's visual & simple to use.

Available on iPhone and all Android phones from 5.5


Customized Look

Id badge is not only for security it is a small window to your brand. Our custom designers create solutions tailored to your needs.


How Mobile ID Works

Take a moment and watch our brief introductory video to get an overview of Mobile ID Works

Features In This App

The list of features available through the Mobile ID Works suite is always growing but here are a few basic ones.

Seamless Integration

Easy Single Sign-On implementation

Picture Submission

Submit picture for Id through the App for approval

Notification Broadcast

Use for emergencies and as internal broadcast system

Visitor Cards

Send visitor cards to invitees

Wallet Vault

Store the contents of your wallet: license, insurance...

Hardware Integration

Works with most existing door access systems

Free Updates

Get the benefits of improvements

Fast Support

Our specialists are on standby 24/7


Happy Users


Tickets Closed




Visit Cards Issued


Customers Feedback

We love to hear from our customers and take their feedback very seriously

Your data is secure

We understand that the privacy and security of your data is vital, so we are committed to providing a highly secure and reliable environment you can trust.

Single sign-on
Google, Okta, OneLogin, SAML
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Multi-factor authentication
Advanced session management

Security is Our Priority! See what we do to enhance security

We are committed to using the latest technology in guarding your assets and accounts.

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Mobile ID Works Suite

Your app is not alone, we provide a suite of supporting tools for administration and control

Mobile IDw

Employee ID, Student, Member mobile card of the future Now

MIDw Admin
Account CMS

Control SSO settings, users, images, content and much more

Data Transformation

Take advantage of our data transformation services to capture data


Access in the palm of your hand

Create a new photo ID user with a few clicks of your phone, all updated in real time. The same functionality can be used by security for checking access cards and privileges on the go.

Mobile ID Works FAQ

You have questions and we have the answers. Feel free to contact us any time so our experienced technicians may address your concerns.

How can Mobile ID Works lower my costs?

Manufacturing Photo ID cards is expensive. Replacing lost or damaged costs adds to that expense. The proximity card, the ribbon, and the printing systems can be very expensive when you add them all together.

What about convenience?

It’s simply easier and more convenient to carry around your phone, as you already do, then add another card or key fob to the list of things you need to remember.

I already have a physical ID why should I go mobile?

By fostering a hybrid credential environment in offering employees and students an additional credential, campuses provide an option for people who have forgotten or misplaced their physical ID card.

What are some other mobile ID uses?

From within our Mobile ID Works App employees and students can make vending purchases, operate laundry machines, mark attendance at an event or class, purchase meals, use the shuttle bus service...

How does mobile ID communicate with other devices?

There are a few technologies that make these tasks possible. Near Field Communication (NFC) is one and it may already be in your phone, embedded in a chip. With this technology, your phone would scan just like an access card. NFC is simply a form of radio-frequency identification and gives off information that another device can read. With NFC, you must hold your phone up to the device reading it, just like an access card.

I have BLE enabled readers, will they work?

Readers employing BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy technology to turn your phone into an access card. Just like traditional Bluetooth that currently communicates with your car, or wireless headset, BLE simply has a smaller read range and consumes less energy. BLE technology is also enabled on iOS devices as well as Android making it work on almost any smart phone.

What are some other ways of communication?

Mobile ID Works app may be enabled to communicate with devices over a local Wi-Fi network or internet enabled readers.

Looking For Support?

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